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What to Expect from a Typical Land Survey

When do I need a land survey?

  • When buying or selling land that is not clearly defined by a property map or deed description
  • Before land is divided by deed, will or by a court
  • If a money-lending agency requires a survey
  • If a line or corner location is unknown or in dispute
  • Before land is improved by constructing drives, fences, walls or buildings, it is desirable to know the location of the property corners and boundaries.
  • When you believe someone is encroaching on your land

What can a surveyor do for me?

  • Examine your deed and those of adjoining property owners and look for physical evidence of boundary conflict.
  • Advise whether or not you actually need a survey
  • Locate your property corners and flag them
  • Establish corners and markers if not previously set
  • Divide large tracts of land into smaller parcels
  • Prepare plots and plans suitable for submission to various municipal approving authorities
  • Make topographic maps showing elevations and natural and manmade physical features
  • Locate wells, septic tanks, buildings, fences, rights-of way, encroachments and other evidence of possession
  • Inform interested parties of progress and results
  • Cooperate with your realtor, attorney, banker, title company engineer and architect
  • Prepare legal Descriptions of Lands for conveyancing, and for use by attorneys in the preparation of deeds and other instruments for record
  • Appear in court as an expert witness in a lawsuit
  • Perform all work in accordance with State Laws and professional standards

What does a surveyor need from me?

  • The purpose of the survey
  • Copy of the deed
  • Any property maps you have and information about the location of corners and property lines
  • Names and addresses of adjoining property owners
  • Information about disagreements over location of corners and lines

How much will my survey cost?

This depends on many factors:

  • The type of survey equipment required. There are 8 types of surveys
  • The amount of deed research
  • The number of unknown corners
  • The existence of fences and property lines
  • The clarity and accuracy of the deed description
  • The size of the tract
  • The kind of terrain
  • The amount of vegetation
  • Accessibility
  • Whether the surveyor has made other surveys in the area
  • Whether there are disputes over any lines

What does a typical NJ survey map look like?


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