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• Licensed Land Surveyor  •  Licensed Land Planner

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NJ Professional Land Surveyor Services

NJ SurveyorAt Professional Land Services, we offer a complete range of land surveying services throughout New Jersey. We have been serving people of NJ for over 40 years, using the latest equipment and technology. We provide timely service in a professional manner.

Here are the services we offer for homeowners in NJ that may only be performed by a New Jersey professional land surveyor

  • Condominium Certification Letter
  • FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates
  • Boundary Analysis & Dispute Resolution
  • Metes & Bounds Legal Descriptions
  • Distance Surveys
  • Property Marker Setting
  • Mortgage & Title Surveys
  • Wetland Flags & Lines Mapping
  • ALTA-ASCM Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Minor Subdivision Maps
  • Property & As-Built Surveys
  • Lot Consolidation Descriptions & Maps

Professional Land Services in NJ

We can help you with any of your land surveying needs. We’ve been in business in New Jersey for over 40 years and are here to help. Call or text us today at 908.693.0175 for a quote within 24 hours.