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Trusted and Reliable Land Surveying Services for Homeowners in New Jersey

About Our Surveying Services in New Jersey

About Our Land Surveyor Services in New JerseyWe’ve been in the survey business in NJ for over 30 years. Here are some of the surveying services we offer:

  • Condo letters
  • Distance surveys
  • Property markers
  • Title surveys
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Elevation certificate
  • Boundary disputes

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Property markers service to resolve boundary disputes

Land Surveying Services for Boundary Disputes in NJSurvey maps indicate delineation of parcels and identify any conflicts in deeds so that buyers can know what they are buying.

Surveys enable property buyers/owners to see if improvements (i.e. driveways, fences, walls, or additional structures) encroach over property lines. A survey will also indicate any existing property markers.

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NJ Location Survey / Title Survey Service

Title Survey Service in New JerseyThe most common survey, a title survey is a map locating all buildings, fences and other structures on the property as well as improvements on adjacent properties. This type of land survey is particularly important in real estate purchases so you can identify any issues that could adversely affect your boundary lines.

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